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Our Story.

Emerging from the embrace of a quaint mountain community Lake Arrowhead CA, Alexander Parlee dared to defy the status quo, venturing into the vast expanse of Los Angeles, CA in pursuit of a dream. His journey unfolded as a testament to resilience and hard work, culminating in the commanding presence at iconic LA venues like The Whiskey A Go Go, The Mint, Hotel Cafe, and The Viper Room. He shared stages with legends such as Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Max Collins (Eve 6), The Plain White T’s, Charlie Colin/Scott Underwood (Train), and Martha Davis (The Motels). Invitations to prestigious events like the 50th Anniversary of The Whiskey A Go Go, South by Southwest, The Orange County Fair, and The San Diego County Fair solidified his ascent, earning accolades from Back Beat Seattle: "Talented... Will go far."

In July 2019, Alexander's solo venture took flight with the foot thumping release "Out of Slumber." The subsequent release "As Long As You Need Me" in October 2019, in partnership with Music Choice, showcased his soulful prowess. A&R Factory acclaimed the "sun-soaked blues guitars" and "warm tonality," evoking echoes of Elliot Smith and Nick Drake.

"See You In The Rain," a September 2021 single under Ayra Recordings, sparked attention. Remixed by UK electronic maestro Danny Stubbs in October 2021, the collaboration even garnered praise from legend producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold.

September 2022 witnessed Alexander in the spotlight of Authority Magazine's Rising Music Star series, unveiling intimate insights into his journey. "Creatures of Habit" (Aug 2022) and "Two Year Free Trial" (Sept 2022) marked a pivotal chapter for him in his journey. Featuring Emily Laliotis (vocals) and Madeleine Watson (violin), the band released the EP "Midnight Confession" in Oct 2022.

Alexander Parlee & The Ellipses unleashed their debut single "Fade To Black," (June 2023) showcasing their new folk alt-rock direction. The band, with Emily Laliotis, Madeleine Watson, Ben Simmons, is weaving fresh sonic tales set to captivate audiences throughout 2024, promising a cascade of new releases. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary musical journey, where melodic innovation dances with emotional story telling.

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